That Psycho Has Been Part of My Life for a Long, Long Time

Before Night of the Living Podcast, a band called Draggin’ Ass Jones was a huge part of my life. I was one of five twenty-something guys who gigged, recorded a studio album, and generally cultivated one of five distinct views of what our band was and what I hoped it to be. I have a big special place in my heart for these guys, but like many indie contenders (“contendies?”) I got tired and decided to try something new. As anyone who is a longtime listener to the show knows, that’s where Night of the Living Podcast came into my life.

I’ve decided to share one of our songs here (see the YouTube video embedded below). I’ve been watching the new series “Bates Motel” on A&E, and revisiting the character of Norman Bates reminded me of the song. I was thinking about Norman Bates when I wrote the song. It’s been nearly eleven years since this recording was made. So much about my life has changed, but my fascination with this character is the same today as was then.

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Freddy Morris is a founding member and co-producer (with wife Amy Morris) of Night of the Living Podcast. He has written for his high school and college newspapers, HorrorHound Magazineand from time to time, writes lewd graffiti on bathroom stall doors and angry letters to the editor at Cat Fancy. Freddy also hosts and produces the film history and appreciation podcast, FilmMad Society. He lives in a tiny house in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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  1. Waaayyy back. I still have my autographed copy of the album. It was a great time.

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