Kings Island Halloween Haunt


At Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt even the shrimp cocktail is haunted.


It’s October. That means ladies are getting excited about wearing stylish boots and eating chili, and horror fans are getting all atwitter for their local haunted attractions. So, the NOTLP Crew pulled on their boots, ate some chili and headed out to Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt. Every Friday and Saturday night in October the Mason, Ohio amusement park made famous for the one-third replica of the Eiffel Tower at its hub and the legendary wooden roller coaster “The Beast” plays home to twelve haunts and two stage shows. Visiting Kings Island is always a good time, but it’s even better when there are parades of whackos in great costumes and makeup startling the guests on International Street.

Hello there.
The rope drop experience is full of scary folks like this creeping up on you while you wait in line.

Our visit to the park happened to coincide with one of the nastiest extended downpours that Mason has seen in a long time, so the outdoor haunts were understandably closed. Of the indoor haunts there was one standout. The new haunt “Board to Death” is one of the more clever attractions that I’ve seen. Each room is themed after a board game. The visitor is accosted by little people dressed as Mr. Monopoly and the angry spirits of sailors who died when you “saaaaaank their battleshiiiiiiip.” I don’t want to spoil anything, so do yourself a favor and be sure to visit this haunt!

Freddy (L) and Mike (R) enjoying a brief reprieve from the rain.

As for this year’s stage entertainment, stop by the Kings Island Theater to see Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem 2 (and if you’re asking yourself why the name Ed Alonzo sounds familiar, just look at the image we’ve Saved below and it should ring a Bell). Ed Alonzo’s magic show is dirty and a little offensive, but in a fun vaudevillian way. His tricks are expertly executed and sometimes pay off with some pretty wonderful toilet humor so I consider his show a must see.

I'm so excited!
“Call me ‘preppy’ again and I’ll saw you in half.”

We didn’t see the other stage show, Hot Blooded, this year because of the rain. However, we’ve seen it before. When we saw Hot Blooded on a previous visit to the park, we had a great time tittering at its corny setup. It’s a sexy vampire story set to awkwardly covered rock songs.  The dancing is fun and the costumes are sexy so it’s worth checking out. Just don’t expect  Jersey Boys.

The NOTLP Crew wholeheartedly agrees that Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt is worth your hard earned Halloween dollars and worth the drive for anyone in the tri-state area. Friday Night Haunt admission tickets are available online for $26.99, Saturday all day & night are $32.99, and the park also offers a Fright Lane upgrade that allows you front of the line access for an additional charge. The Fright Lane upgrade can really be worth it if you value your time as the lines for the haunts can get very long. The park offers other combos that include a meal and discounts. Go to for more information.

The NOTLP Crew would like to thank Kings Island’s Public Relations Area Manager Don Helbig for inviting us to this year’s RIP Party Media Event.

Alright, alright, alright.
FUN FACT: Woody Harrelson and Carmen Electra worked at Kings Island in high school.
Are those painted on?
FUN FACT: In 1972 The Partridge Family filmed an episode called “I Left My Heart in Cincinnati” in the park. Foreground: David Cassidy’s buns. Background: a one-third scale replica of the Eiffel Tower.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
FUN FACT:  The year after The Partridge Family filmed there, The Brady Bunch filmed “The Cincinnati Kids” episode where Greg almost becomes a furry and Mike loses some important architectural plans because Jan is so stupid.