The Small Scream: Amy talks genre TV

Small Scream

I like to watch TV. I’m going to attempt to say things here every so often that relate to the genre stuff currently on TV. I won’t do this as well as the professionals. For that, you need to listen to Big Red Podcast. And I don’t have fancy cable, so no Dexter for me until DVD. And I find True Blood ridiculous and no thank you.

And real quick, before we get into this…I was just thinking about The River the other day. Anyone remember that from last summer, the found footage show from Oren Peli? Sure, it had flaws, but it was fun. I wish it wasn’t cancelled. Watch it on Hulu if you’re so inclined. It goes to show you that genre TV is often an experiment and sometimes those experiments go kablooey. Sometimes it’s sad and sometimes it’s for the best, but it’s good to have networks out there giving it a go again even if these new “experiments” are really just rehashing old material.

Ok, so I’ve been watching Hannibal and Bates Motel. Good enough shows, Hannibal being the better of the two at the moment. As a non-DVR haver, I’m watching online and usually on a week or two delay. So I’m not completely caught up, but that doesn’t stop me from completely judging the shows based on what I’ve seen.

Bates Motel is a prequel to Pyscho, set in modern day. After marathoning the first 4 episodes, I was enjoying myself but baffled as to why any of the stuff happening is happening. If I may quote a tweet of mine, “Confused by the pot & sex slave stuff.”

The performances are pretty solid. Freddie Highmore as Norman and Vera Farmiga as Norma are fantastic and have great chemistry. They handle a bunch of weird plot threads well and they’re fun to watch. I just have a lot of questions as to what the point of it all is. Why did this particular story need to be set in the Psycho universe? And don’t get me started on that kid from My Soul to Take and his eyeliner. Eh, I’ll keep watching.

Hannibal is an adaptation of Thomas Harris’s novel Red Dragon and tells the story of how Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham meetcute. These fellas team up to catch serial killers, and all the while Lecter is a secret serial killer with crazy bangs and Graham is all Aspergery and haunted.

Guys, this show is beautifully horrifying. Such a treat for your eyes, while it’s grossing you right the fuck out. I’m only 2 episodes in, but I’m hooked.  It’s written smartly, and the characters do things that make sense. How long has it been since a new network drama managed to make sense? Exciting!

The cast is crazy good, lead by Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. Two talented gentleman with two funny sounding names. And then there’s Laurence Fishburne and his delightfully craggy face. I love it! I will gladly continue to watch despite the fact that Hulu has this show listed as web only and I have to hook my laptop up to the TV every time. Good TV is worth the effort.


2 thoughts on “The Small Scream: Amy talks genre TV

  1. Couldn’t agree more about ‘Hannibal!’ I totally thought they’d returned to that well one too many times already with the iffy film sequels & all, but goddamn, what a mesmerizing show. And yeah, the stellar acting totally elevates the show even when the writing isn’t at its best. Really, really hope it stays on course….

  2. Double agreed. I’m loving “Hannibal.” Can’t wait for you to catch up to this past episode so we can talk about it. The best so far. And as for you writing this blog, YAY! Great job lady. Hope to read lots more from my FFB.

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