Haunted Tour of Cincinnati

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If you’ve listened to Episode 343, you know that recently Freddy and I went on a ghost tour in Cincinnati. And you know that we have vastly different approaches to ghost stuff – I believe and he’s a total skeptic. We’re a regular buddy cop show on Fox.

Our tour guide was Dan Smith of Haunted Cincinnati Tours. Dan has also written two ghostly guides – Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s Music World and Ghosts of Cincinnati: The Dark Side of the Queen City. Dan was a great storyteller, prepping us as we drove to each new location.

Our tour began at the Taft Museum of Art in Downtown Cincinnati. There have been sightings of a woman in pink said to be Annie Taft, William Howard Taft’s sister-in-law. Not much happened at this location. We wandered around outside the gates and stared at the building and lawn. So is it haunted? No ghosts waved at me from the windows, so I have to say no for now.

Taft Museum
Pretty. No ghosts 😦


We headed to Eden Park next. This drive had my favorite story. George Remus was a Prohibition bootlegger and Imogene was his loyal wife…until she wasn’t. George asked her to get “close” to a prohibition agent after he was sent to jail, which she did. Real close. Imogene and the agent ran off together with George’s money. Later, after George was released, he got his revenge by shooting Imogene to death in public, after a car chase, at Eden Park. He was acquitted by reason of insanity. And now park visitors claim they see a woman in black haunting the area around the gazebo…Imogene. I took a ton of pictures at this location and one turned out interestingly. But after some googling, I’m thinking what I see to the right in the picture below  was a sign’s reflection. Or it’s a ghost. It’s way more fun to go with the supernatural explanation though.

Eden Park
Mysterious figure to the right? Or a sign’s reflection? Or Tweedle Dee out for a night stroll?
Where Imogene Died
This is where Imogene was shot to death by her husband, George.











Next up was an abandoned school in Walnut Hills. According to Dan, the school was home to a ghost named Walt. I like guys named Walt generally – Walt Disney, Walt from Lost, Walt Whitman. But Dan warned us that this Walt had a filthy mouth. When we got to the school, we broke out the Spirit Box in the gym. Most questions we asked of Walt were answered with “leave” or “bishop” or “bye.” I guess Walt sensed there were ladies present and kept the sailor mouth to a minimum. The school didn’t yield any concrete evidence either – unless you buy into the spirit box. I think it sounds like a neat idea, but live, in person, it just didn’t seem like anything to me.

Where Walt, the sassiest ghost, lives.
Where Walt, the sassiest ghost, lives.


Our next stop was Music Hall, which was actually built on top of an old Potters Field. There are thousands of bodies under the building – with no way to determine who they were. There wasn’t much ghostly activity that night, so there really isn’t much to report. We wandered around outside the entrance, never going inside, getting strange looks from the old white people leaving the symphony.

And finally, we made it to our last stop, the one that had me very nervous and excited – Bobby Mackey’s. If you have watched any ghost hunting or ghost documentary type shows ever, you’ve probably heard of Bobby Mackey’s, the haunted nightclub in Wilder, KY. Dan’s story during the drive, of accidentally allowing a demonic presence of some sort into his life after a visit, was creepy as shit. We were warned to not taunt anything or engage with it or believe anything it said or showed us. If we did, we could potentially invite evil into our lives. It sounds real dumb as a I type, but it was super effective in the moment. We entered the basement of the honky tonk – we never actually saw the bar area – but that night it was hopping and it felt like the rickety building might collapse in on itself. We saw the gate to hell, the wall of faces, the dressing rooms near where Johanna committed suicide…all of the hot spots. I can’t say I found any evidence or felt anything paranormal, but the history of the place – real or not – is enough to get the imagination going. And I don’t think I brought anything evil home, although I did find a ton of bird shit on my car today and maybe that’s a sign from a demonic presence…inhabiting a very sick bird.


Bobby Mackey's
I felt chills here. It was the douche chills when I remembered that the Ghost Adventures crew had been here.
Dressing Room
A dressing room “backstage” at Bobby Mackey’s. Very creepy after hearing the story of Johanna’s suicide.
The Gateway to Hell at Bobby Mackey's. A hole in the floor, basically.
The Gateway to Hell at Bobby Mackey’s. A hole in the floor, basically.











So we didn’t find any conclusive evidence on our tour. I wasn’t really expecting to. I did learn a ton about the Greater Cincinnati area and it’s ghosts. Every city has them, but I’m partial to ours. They like to haunt interesting and beautiful places. That’s smart of Cincy’s ghosts. Hanging out at a mobile home park or mall for eternity doesn’t sound like fun.